The Leibniz Review: sumário da edição 2018


  • Massimo Mugnai: An Appreciation of Richard Arthur
  • Richard T. W. Arthur: The Hegelian Roots of Russell’s Critique of Leibniz
  • Jen Nguyen: Leibniz on Place
  • Tamar Levanon: Organism and Harmony: Leibniz’s Thought at the Turn of the Twentieth Century

Resenhas de livros

  • Monads, Composition, and Force: Ariadnean Threads through Leibniz’s Labyrinth por Samuel Levey
  • On the Non-Idealist Leibniz: A Reply to Samuel Levey, Richard T. W. Arthur
  • Russell Wahl Russell: The Journal of Bertrand Russell Studies (37, 1: 2017): Special Issue on Russell and Leibniz
  • Christopher Johns The New Method of Learning and Teaching Jurisprudence, According to the Principles of the Didactic Art Premised in the General Part and in the Light of Experience,
  • Kant on Reality, Cause, and Force: From the Early Modern Tradition to the Critical Philosophy, Nabeel Hamid
  • The Bulletin Leibnizien IV 2018: A Critical Notice, Paul Rateau

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