The Leibniz Review: sumário da edição 2014


  • Patrick Riley. Leibniz’ “Monadologie” 1714-2014
  • Stephen Steward. Solving the Lucky and Guaranteed Proof Problems
  • Marine Picon. Actualism and Analyticity: Leibniz’s early thoughts towards a synthesis between Lutheran metaphysics and the foundation of knowledge
  • Ohad Nachtomy and Tamar Levanon. On Oneness and Substance in Leibniz’s Middle Years


Oberto Marrama. Alexandre Koyré: The dog that is a heavenly constellation and the dog that is a barking animal (1950): Introduction and Translation

Resenhas de livros

  • Philip Beeley. Leibniz and Cryptography: An account on the occasion of the initial
  • Ohad Nachtomy. Leibniz, by Richard T. W. Arthur
  • Richard T. W. Arthur. Reply to Ohad Nachtomy

Seção especial

  • Patrick Riley. In Honorem Irena Backus
  • Philip Beeley. Patrick Riley (1941-2015): Some reminiscences and reflections on his life
  • David Lay Williams: Patrick Riley (1941-2015) In Memoriam

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